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SURVIVING THE OPEN ENROLLMENT INFERNO: Ignite Your Employee Benefits Communications Strategy

As a seasoned veteran of the benefits industry, I've spent over two decades navigating the fiery depths of Open Enrollment (OE) season hell. If you're reading this, chances are you're familiar with the unique brand of chaos that descends every fall. It's a time, at least in my world, when the average workweek stretches into an 80-hour marathon, coffee may as well be dripped intravenously, and the word "rush" takes on a whole new meaning.

To paint a picture of the OE madness, let me share a glimpse into my world. The team I've led for the past decade typically handles between 300 to 400 projects per month. But come OE season, those numbers skyrocket. Last October, we juggled 1,200 projects, and in November, we surpassed that with a whopping 1,300. And remember, most OE periods wrap up by the second week of November, meaning those 1,300 projects were crammed into a two-week span. It's a wild ride, to say the least but luckily our team has made it our alive year over year and, with each new OE season, gained more wisdom and tricks up our sleeves.

But why am I sharing these project stats? It's not to brag about our work ethic or to garner sympathy. It's to let you know that if you’re managing OE in any capacity, we understand the pressure you're under. We've been in the trenches, we've felt the heat, and we know that during OE season, every second counts.

That's why I've poured my 20+ years of experience into creating an eBook, "Mastering Open Enrollment Communications." My goal? To arm you with the tools, tips, and insights you need to make this upcoming OE season a little less daunting and a lot more manageable.

In this eBook, we dive deep into the world of OE communications. We discuss the importance of understanding your audience, planning your strategy, crafting clear and engaging communications, leveraging various channels, and evaluating your efforts. We also explore the role of technology and design aesthetics in enhancing your communications.

But ultimately, this eBook is more than just a guide—it's a treasure trove of pure OE communications gold. Each chapter is packed with actionable tips, case studies, and free resources, including templates, checklists, and guides. It's like your personal OE survival kit, designed to help you navigate the season with confidence and ease.

And because we believe in making things fun (yes, even OE season), we've woven in a unique art theme throughout the eBook. You'll discover how to channel your inner artist and use creativity to enhance your OE communications. We even included a fun coloring page to help you de-stress!

So, if you're gearing up for OE season and could use a little help, I invite you to check out "Mastering Open Enrollment Communications." It's packed with valuable insights and resources, all designed to save you time and make your OE season a little easier. And who knows? You might even find yourself having a bit of fun along the way.

Ready to ignite your OE strategy with a creative spark? [link to eBook]

Remember, OE season is a marathon, not a sprint. But with the right tools and a dash of creativity, you can cross the finish line with a smile. Here's to OE success and igniting your creative spark!

Until next time, Nicole

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